IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes
IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes




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• Very low lambda values
• Improved energy ratings
• Latest blowing agents
• Lower energy consumption
• Envirofoam Sustain


• Self-skinning foams
• High-impact grades
• Fire-rated (UL94-V0) grades
• Fast demould times
• Automotive range


• Buoyancy Foams
• Syntactic foams
• Sub-sea pipe jointing
• Spray-applied coatings
• Pipeline protection


World-class, high performance polyurethane products for the construction, refrigeration, aerospace, automotive and marine industries. View Video


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Envirofoam Sustain

IFS Chemicals of Norfolk, UK have recently introduced a unique product to the polyurethane chemical industry.

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Reduce Energy Usage with New Insulation Grade, Envirofoam Sustain.

Envirofoam Sustain.

Insulation foams with improved insulation properties AND environmentally friendly.

Polyols derived from renewable oils - Norfolk rapeseed oil, converted to polyols which are ideally suited to insulation-grade polyurethanes.

Global Warming Potential of “less than 1” - lower than anything else on the market.

Foam Lambda Value of 0.020 W/mK - with proven benefits in appliance energy usage.

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Envirofoam Thumnail

New addition to Envirofoam range

IFS Chemicals is the proud provider of a range of environmentally friendly foam insulation products.

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KIWA-BDA Certifying Body

As increased numbers of specifiers, house builders, architects and certifying bodies request increasingly detailed information on building components, including insulation products, increasing interest is being noted for certifying agencies capable of providing detailed information and approvals for European manufactured products. 

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Refrigerated Appliances

Refrigerated Appliances – Energy Ratings

In line with Europe’s commitment to reduce energy consumption and improve the environmental credentials of household and commercial appliances, the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) system of energy classification has been formalised, ready for introduction in July this year.

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