IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes
IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes

KIWA-BDA Certifying Body

As increased numbers of specifiers, house builders, architects and certifying bodies request increasingly detailed information on building components, including insulation products, increasing interest is being noted for certifying agencies capable of providing detailed information and approvals for European manufactured products. Whilst some certifying agencies are well known and have been established for many years, others are less well recognised. However, they do provide an important function to the general building industry, something that is critical in providing an efficient service to the whole of the building sector. BDA started out as a building consultancy business in 1977, leading to the formation of a testing and certification institute in 1982. The business was later integrated into KIWA, a large testing, inspection and certification organization with offices in more than 20 countries, employing more than 4200 staff. The resultant KIWA-BDA organisation is able to carry out almost all testing in-house and has a reputation for a fast, efficient and reliable service. For insulation products, emphasis is placed on thermal performance, condensation risk, fire risk, durability, points of attention for the specifier, typical installation details and procedures, and compliance with building regulations. It is likely that KIWA-BDA will become a more recognised name in the future as manufacturers look to speed up the certification procedure. 

As Justin Davies of Kingspan has said, “We were delighted with the positive and can-do attitude of the BDA staff and the resulting BDA Agrement is working well for us in the market”. 

As more companies take advantage of the KIWA-BDA approach, it is felt that it only a matter of time before they become widely recognised across the whole of Europe and beyond.

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