IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes
IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes

When insulation matters, the choice is Envirofoam from IFS

Commercial Refrigeration

Polyurethane is the material of choice for most commercial and domestic refrigerators

  • It gives the best insulation efficiency. 
  • Good adhesion to plastic liners and metal cases.
  • Minimises insulation thickness therefore maximising internal space.
  • PU is lightweight with excellent rigidity and high strength.

IFS incorporates bio-based polyols in the Envirofoam Sustain range of products:

  • Locally sourced rapeseed oil.
  • Low energy conversion to polyol, a reduction of 90% when compared to petroleum-based polyol.
  • In-house production of bio-based polyol at our facility in Norfolk, therefore reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Helps refrigerator manufacturers to achieve a A+++ energy rating on their appliances.

IFS is committed to providing the most environmentally-friendly formulations:

  • In 1988 we developed the first commercially available ODP zero polyurethane insulation system.
  • Since 2009 we have commercialised formulations with very low Global Warming Potentials (GWP) – ‘Less than 5’, a requirement of the BREEAM Ecohomes initiative.
  • Today, we are leading the way in cost-effective refrigeration materials, based on HFO blowing agents – delivering GWP’s of 1 (which are 99.9% lower than HFCs).
  • HFO formulations have significantly lower lambda values 
  • These products provide the ultimate environmentally-attractive PU chemicals, that also fulfil the requirements of the European energy-rating tests, MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard).
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