IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes
IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes

Highly efficient, flame-retardant, PIR foam insulation


PU and PIR boards are commonly used to insulate walls and pitched roofs, principally due the excellent thermal performance and the inherent versatility of the product

  • It is commonly used over rafters, between rafters and underneath rafters.
  • It is often used in cavity wall applications.

Due to the high compressive strength of PU boards, it is often specified for flat roof and floor insulation, particularly in non-domestic applications including

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Sports Stadia
  • It is extremely well suited for the insulation of steel deck membrane roofs where the boards are easy to install, dimensionally stable and capable of withstanding foot traffic during installation and for maintenance purposes.

IFS has a range of PU (polyurethane) foam systems for laminated boardstock applications as well as high-performance PIR (polyisocyanurate) foams for more highly fire-retardant grades

  • The fully formulated systems utilise HFO blowing agents, or pentane (added separately), and consequently produce foams with very low lambda values and very fast build-up of modulus.
  • The Company provides both polyether and polyester-based materials, either part or fully blended. Polyester-based systems are formulated from DMT polyesters and exhibit fast cure times and high levels of fire properties.
  • Additionally, the new Enviropol polyol derived from renewable vegetable oil can be added to conventional aromatic polyester polyols as a means of improving the environmental credentials of the foam.
  • This addition of an environmentally attractive polyol also leads to improvements in processing latitude and to cost reductions.
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