IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes
IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes

Cavity Wall Insulation

Slower reacting grades are available for specialist forms of cavity-injected insulation

  • This form of insulation not only provides highly efficient thermal performance, but expands to bond the outer leaves together (thus stabilising the building and eliminating the problem of wall-tie failure)
  • It also seals all gaps to provide air- tightness. It is ideal for narrow cavities, which are deemed to be “hard to treat”, where traditional insulation materials cannot be used
  • Buildings with traditional cavity wall construction have great potential to have their thermal performance improved by filling the cavity with an insulating product
  • In some cases where the cavity already contains an insulant, but it has failed due to settling or moisture ingress, it may be possible to remove the failed product and replace it with a more suitable expanding alternative
  • A PIR/PU system can be injected into a cavity, via holes in the outer leaf, producing insulation with excellent adhesive and structural properties
  • The product bonds the inner and outer leaves together, thus eliminating the problem of wall-tie failure

The installation of injected insulation should also be carried out by a specialist, well-trained installer.

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