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IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes

Envirofoam grades optimised for standing heat loss tests

Water Cylinders

IFS has developed PU foam systems specifically for the insulation of water cylinders either by spray application or by liquid injection between the central water reservoir and an outer metal casing.

  • Spray systems are applied to the rotating cylinder, building in layers to a thickness of 40mm or more.
  • These materials are characterised by their bright green colour, indicating that they are manufactured from the very best environmentally-friendly chemicals.
  • This method of production allows for the build-up of varying thicknesses and resultant variations in the insulation U-value.
  • Many water heaters (including the ones shown) use an insulation system where a two-component foam is liquid-dispensed into the cavity between the tank and the outer casing.
  • In some cases, the manufacturing process does not allow for high foaming pressures because the hot water cylinders are not mechanically supported during the foaming process. For this reason, IFS has developed a series of foams specifically for this application.

Energy labelling of all heating and hot water storage cylinders and associated products is now mandatory for all products with an output less than or equal to 400kW.

  • This legislation is due to two related European Directives.
    • The Energy Labelling Directive specifies the criteria for labelling and the labels themselves.
    • The Energy Related Products Directive that sets minimum standards below which products must not be placed on the market.

It should also be noted that in September 2017 a second phase of legislation clicks in and that will change some of the labelling categories. From that date:

  • The labels will follow the same standardised format already established for white goods and more recently tyres.
  • For simple hot water tanks, including indirectly heated cylinders, the ratings are based on the standing heat loss of the cylinders, and will display the capacity of the cylinder and its heat loss in Watts.
  • The A to G rating is based on the relationship between these two figures.
  • Current effort is being focussed on continually improving energy performance figures for hot water cylinders, including the development of ultra-low lambda values for the PU foam insulation.
  • IFS is working closely with customers to provide new systems which will deliver the best heat loss results using newly commercialised HFO blowing agents.
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