IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes
IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes

High temperature grade for demanding industrial applications


IFS PU insulation is commonly used for the insulation of pipelines, carrying hot or cold liquids, due to its outstanding insulation performance.

Fields of application include:

  • District heating and cooling
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Chemical process plants

The advantages of PU insulation include:

  • Ease of application
  • Outstanding insulation performance, proven over a long history in service.
  • Wide range of service temperatures, from -196 to +150 oCentigrade.
  • Protection from corrosion, temperature variation and seismic activity.
  • Can be used to protect over and underground pipes such as the new BTC pipeline which runs from the Caspian sea to the Mediterranean (insert link to Cellafoam 35).
  • Sub-sea and deep water pipeline systems are a speciality area in which IFS has considerable experience (insert link to syntactic foam and rotational casting).
  • For high temperature applications, IFS has an isulation grade suitable for temperatures up to 150oC.

Field Jointing systems – allows pipes to be joined together on a reel barge, insulated and laid from a barge directly into the sea.

  • Several prestigious contracts have been carried out using the IFS Field joints systems
  • Key contracts completed with IFS polyurethane systems include many sub-sea installations. These include major projects off-shore Egypt (Gupco & EMG), India (Reliance), North Sea (Chevron, Kvaerner, Shell, Total), Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Qatar, Iran and many others.


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