IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes
IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes

Surf boards and boats rely on polyurethane foam for strength, water resistance and buoyancy


The lightweight, mechanically strong, buoyant properties of closed-cell polyurethane foam are used to great advantage in the leisure industry.

Manufacturers of small boats often use polyurethane for buoyancy and for filling gaps in boats and other pleasure craft.

  • The nature of this business often requires the use of two-part foams in small sizes.
  • The standard 1:1 volume mix can be supplied in 5 litre cans and has been formulated to produce a low viscosity product which can be easily processed using a standard paint mixer.
  • The mix is slowly poured into the required area, followed by a very slow rise and a fairly speedy setting time.
  • These are the same types of foams used in the manufacture of lifeboats.
  • For small foam kits, contact Scott-Bader a company that deals in general composite materials (www.scottbader.com)

Liquid foam systems are available for surfboard/windsurfer production and come in two types:

  • Injected foam is commonly used for windsurf boards and is a pale yellow colour.
  • White foam blanks can be produced for surfboards, similar to the original products developed some years ago in Australia.
  • Due to modern trends in improved Health and Safety legislation, these foams do not involve the use of TDI-based isocyanates.
  • All IFS materials are based on the less volatile MDI products.


Envirofoam 16.235 for pleasure craft application

High Buoyancy Board

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