IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes
IFS Chemicals - World Class Polyurethanes

Moulded flexible foams available in a range of density, hardness and fire rating


The ability of polyurethane to fill complex cavities, accurately reproducing detailed in-mould designs.

  • Systems that flow and set within seconds and speciality grades to fulfil many types of fire-retardant specifications, has led to a very large moulding industry for this highly-engineered product group.

The additional feature of forming a well-defined integral skin outer surface has been achieved by carefully selecting the type of blowing agents and reaction-forming catalysts used in the process.

IFS has a complete set of chemical grades, ideally suited for flexible and rigid mouldings.

  • The Enviromould range covers flexible foam products for furniture seating (including Crib 5 fire specification).
  • Medium density foams for wood replacement applications.
  • Rigid structural foams.
  • Solid elastomeric materials for a wide variety of end-uses.
  • Some products contain fillers to achieve specific aims, including high levels of fire retardancy (UL94-V0), specific colours and increased weight/density.
  • Polyurea systems, both reactive injection moulding or spray-applied grades.

A combination of low weight and high impact resistance, and a product suitable for moulding anything including:

  • Faux wood panelling
  • Computer housings
  • Tennis rackets
  • Industrial metal detectors
  • Adhesive-backed protective bumpers
  • Clear housings for SolarLite road studs
  • Plus many more application areas – contact IFS with your particular requirements

High modulus foams in metal replacement applications.

Envirofoam S1140 for electronic machine housings.

Filled polyurethane foam for faux wood applications.

Rolls-Royce bumper using sprayed polyurea.

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